Beginning Yoga

I am a Beginner What Classes Should I take?

A true Beginner (someone that has never attended a yoga class, or someone new to regular yoga classes) will benefit from learning the foundational poses and breathing techniques of yoga. We offer a Flow Basics Class that teaches these foundations, we recommend attending 1-3 of these classes as you try other Level Beg-1 Classes on the schedule. Feel free to attend these classes on an ongoing basis as well.

Start with the Flow Basics Class and Level Beg-1 Classes to learn foundations and ease into the practice of yoga. 

What Other Beginners are Saying?

Other Beginners have shared with me what their experience was when starting yoga. Almost everyone that has attended Yoga Fire over the past 4 years has started as a beginner. Most people have experienced fear, or worry about how to start practicing yoga. After attending 1 or more classes hundreds of beginners realize there is nothing to fear! Most of the people attending class with you also think they don’t know what they are doing.This will change after just a few yoga classes most people feel confident in many poses. You do not have to do complex yoga poses seen online to do yoga regularly.

What About Yoga Mats?

We have a few quality yoga mats for loan at the studio. We strongly suggest that you buy your own yoga mat for consistent practice.

How Do I Buy a Good Yoga Mat?

When buying a yoga mat we recommend staying away from the cheaper material. To spot this material look for the little bubbles, and run away!! These mats will fall apart quickly, make you slip and slide during class and stink after a few weeks.

Purchasing Suggestions

Look for slight padding but good traction! Here are some yoga mat brands we recommend. You can find these brands Online, Dicks Sporting Goods, Mountain High Outfitters.

Jade Yoga Mats (these are amazing!) Harmony
Lululemon, The Mat
Gaiam, Sol
Hugger Mugger, Para Rubber
PrAna, E.C.O
PrAna, Revolutionary Sticky Mat

What Should I Wear to Yoga?

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in, think comfy, stretchy pants and shirts that will stay put! Leave your shoes at the door.

Yoga Fire Online Registration

  1. Create an account on our mindbody scheduler (go to class schedule page on the website).
  2. Purchase a package online, give us a call if you have any package questions.
  3. Download mindbody app on your smart phone and use the same email you used for account.
  4. Register for classes to reserve your spot.
  5. Online registration is STRONGLY recommended to ensure space in class.
  6. Call us if you have any issues with mindbody, we will help you get it set up!

How do I Contact Someone at the Studio Before I Take a Class?

I am Jessica Boginski, I own Yoga Fire Studio. I am a passionate yogi and my life purpose is to inspire people to grow and learn more about themselves on and off the Yoga Mat. I live in Harvest, AL with my husband and 3 kids. I pop in and out of the studio all day long. Often you can find me in my home office on my computer or on my yoga mat(sometimes surrounded by goldfish and children). I am always available by phone or email to answer questions and guide people to the right class for them. I also schedule appointments with people at the studio before and after class times. I look forward to meeting you in person or by phone and supporting you on your yoga journey.

(256) 399-9642